Better Best Friend Marketing is
a Sales Pro's Better Best Friend

Personalized & Automated Follow Up System

If Everyone is Online, Shouldn't You Go Old School and Do It Offline,
So You Stand Out and Above Your Competition!

  • Everyone knows that any good relationship, either personal or business needs to be balanced with the right combination of Give and Take between the two parties.

  • If one side "Takes" (seller) a lot more often than they "Give" (friend), then eventually the other party will grow to resent them as just another salesperson and not friends.

  • Make More Deposits than Withdrawals into the Relationship Bank Account.

  • And like any Relationship or Communication there has to be more than just one attempt to share.

  • You need a campaign of multiple contacts over a period of time with the right messages.

  • GIVE with cards of Appreciation, Helpful Tips, Birthday, Motivation and Holiday type of cards.

  • After several Giving cards, instead of Asking for referrals, try Thanking them for Referrals in Advance. (you'll get more referrals that way) They will be more likely to respond favorably since you’ve established yourself as more friend than salesperson.  

  • We have cards for different industries to consider.  Again, the sky is the limit on what cards you use for your Personalized and Automated Follow Up System.

  • You can choose the cards you want to share and the order as well as the heartfelt comments you wish to share. Remember, you can even upload your handwriting or signature to be used as well as photos of whatever you wish.

  • You can send Cards or Postcards on any frequency you want. Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly etc.  Or you can schedule them to be sent on specific dates or in relationship to the time since the last card sent.

  • Our Cards Cost Less than store bought cards. Postcards cost less than cards and the postage is lower too, but cards are more effective because the envelope protects the card during postal processing and opening an envelope is more intriguing.

  • It's Easy Enough to Do It Yourself, or We Can Help, or We Can Do It For You

  • If you're not sure what to send, some ideas are shown below or send our DosQuotes of the Month Holidaze de Jour Calendar cards with your logo.  The Quotes we use have been around for 100's of years, so with that kind of staying power, your logo could be a keepsake for many more years to come.  Talk about long term exposure power.  More Samples of our DosQuotes of the Month Holidaze de Jour Calendars at

With over 15,000 standard cards plus the ability to Customize cards with your own photos and text, you have a virtually unlimited card combinations that you can use for your own custom follow up system.

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